Monday, December 26, 2011

Time for Some Cleanup

Well, once upon a time I let this blog go. I had originally started it on some advice I'd read on the web from writers and agents that having a blog is a wonderful thing when you start sending out queries. While I was nowhere near that stage yet (and still am a long ways off), I thought gathering an audience would be a good thing to start on. Except that my blog, which was to support the fiction writing, began to take up a large amount of my time for said writing, which was defeating the purpose.

Fast forward a year and a half: I've moved twice, gotten a promotion, and stumbled across a wonderful site called the Ranting Dragon. It's a SFF review site that is submitted to by several people. They were accepting new guest and staff reviewers, and I thought this might be a nice thing. I can write reviews, still have an audience, but not have to keep a schedule, maintain the site, and all while having someone edit my work. I seem to have made the 'mistake' of telling them about my old blog, however, and now my staff bio links back here. So I suppose I should update once in a while, huh?

Don't get me wrong, I am NOT going to be updating regularly. You'll mostly see links to my reviews and articles when they are posted on RD, as well as any rants I feel like sharing. It'll be hit or miss, but I'll try to stay active. I will not be totally reposting the work I've done for RD, only posting links.

Anywho, on to the reviews posted over at the RD to date:

These last two are old friends. No one had written any reviews of Gail Carriger, so I rewrote mine to match RD's format. Reviews of Blameless and Heartless are making their way through the publication process.


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