Friday, April 27, 2012


I can't believe that April has flown by so fast, and that Penguicon is already here. For those of you who don't know, Penguicon is a general geek convention run on an open source model that happens every year in the Detroit, MI area. Just about anyone who wants to can present a panel on just about everything. Program tracks include science, technology, literature, gaming, web comics, food, and so much more.

The guest of honor this year is none other than John Scalzi, author and blogger extraordinaire. Jim Hines and Saladin Ahmed will also be on several panels throughout the weekend.

Also of note (at least for me) is that I will be co-presenting a panel on "Libraries and Librarians in the Information Age" at 2 pm on Saturday in the Franklin Room. What challenges do we have? What role are we still serving? What are the needs of the populations we serve? If you're making it to Penguicon this year, I highly encourage you to attend! My co-presenter and I have a lot of ideas to throw at you. I may post an entry or two on the panel and what we discussed later this week if I find some sanity. (Note: Penguicon is not conducive to me finding my sanity, but rather loosing more of it.)

For more information, check out Penguicon's website. Registration can be done at the door, and the new much bigger hotel may still have rooms available.


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