Thursday, February 11, 2010


So the past few days have been somewhat stressful, with the trip to the ER on Tuesday and my ABS breaks failing yesterday morning.  Thankfully, I live in my hometown (well, in the city next door to my hometown) and the auto repair facility my dad works at is a half block detour on my way to work.  Don't worry, neither myself, my car, or anything else took damage.  But the stress of that twenty minute drive meant that I really didn't relax at all yesterday, but I managed to relax today.  Which means I didn't get any writing done.

However, some progress has been made in that I sat down with one of my betas and grilled them on what they thought of what I've got so far.  I don't plan to do this for every book I write, but right now I'm more or less teaching myself the art of novel writing.  I view any feedback as a good thing, especially when I can get critiques.  Yes, I love to hear that everyone likes my work, but that doesn't help me become better.  I've also started some research that will hopefully flesh out my worldbuilding a bit.


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