Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Link Salad

I must apologize for not having another review ready to go.  I spent 16 out of 24 hours yesterday sleeping off an illness, so no reading got done.  Instead, I bring you the ubiquitous link salad.

Gail Carriger talks about the worldbuilding of the Parasol Protectorate at Redlines and Deadlines One of my favorite bits is where she talks about leaving the Victorians to react as Victorians to whatever is going on.  It’s this aspect of that really sold me on the series.  Too often, we project our modern ideas and reactions on people of an earlier era and/or different culture, and for me it just falls flat.

My friends will rejoice to know that Torchwood will return to the small screen with new episodes under a three way co-partnership between BBC Cymru Wales, BCC Worldwide, and Starz Entertainment.  You can read all about it here.

Sara Douglass talks about death and dying in a recent blog, focusing on her experience with terminal cancer.  On that same note, Jay Lake has not been silent about his cancer journey.  I'd also like to note here that Kage Baker died of cancer recently, before her last two books came out.

Hopefully I'll have something to review for you Thursday, in between sickness, returning to work, writing, and all that other stuff I do.


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